Need a Book Coach?

Need a Book Coach?
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frustrated writerMy job is not to write your book for you—that’s the job of a ghostwriter (which I can also do). As a Book Coach I help you get organized, set up the structure of your book and track your progress. After all, a book is a big project and, like building a house, it helps to have some plans in hand before you start. I will help you create a strong structure that will support your ideas as well as some great techniques to keep you writing. I also inspire, support, coax and occasionally prod you towards your final goal: Your Finished Book.

Some of the ways a book coach will help you:

With INTENTION and ATTENTION. The intention is the vision that you create knowing that your book has value and that people will appreciate what you are sharing with them. Intention always means commitment. You will be committing, not only to the minimum 3-month coaching period, but also to a set amount of time each week to write.

  • One of the major things I bring to the coaching process is the breaking down of what needs to be done and in what order, turning vagueness and intention into concrete accomplishment. You probably have an idea for your book but there is a huge chasm between the idea at one end and the published book at the other. I bridge that gap, acting as your tour guide and helping you with each step as needed.
  • Help you choose which way of publishing is to your greatest advantage. If you are choosing the self-publishing route, I can help you with design, layout and marketing ideas.

Any journey is shorter with a partner. As your devoted, professional book coach I will save you headaches, disappointments and money down the drain because I have been there myself. As an active published writer I understand first hand the challenges of making sure you Get It Out!

To explore the options of having a book coach, contact me.

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